Dermascope how to use?

Dermascope how to use?

A dermascope is a valuable handheld device that helps doctors accurately examine and diagnose skin lesions which are invisible by naked eyes. The procedure of dermascope is painless and noninvasive, greatly reducing the unnecessary biopsy and surgery. Hence, it is important to use a dermascope in right ways. Here are the general steps for dermascope how to use:

Dermascope how to use?

1.Prepare the skin lesion area: Clean and dry the lesion area, making sure there are no obstructions.

2.Prepare the dermascope: Make sure the dermascope is charged or use replacement batteries.

3.Use the dermascope: Place the magnifying glass of dermascope on the lesion area and adjust the focus and light to obtain a clear image.

4.Observe the lesion: Carefully observe the shape, color, and edges of the skin lesion and record them for further diagnosis.

5.Take and save images: Use the camera function of dermascope to take images of the lesion and save them for further comparison and analysis.

By using dermascope, allows for careful monitoring of suspicious skin lesions, especially in those who have a high-risk for developing skin cancer.

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