How accuracy of dermatoscope?

How accuracy of dermatoscope?

Dermatoscope is famous as the third eye of dermatologist because it can explore the skin mysteries in depth. Dermatoscope involves using a handheld device also called a dermoscope, can significantly improve the accuracy of diagnosing skin lesions, especially melanomas.


Then how accuracy of a dermatoscope?

When interpreted by trained professionals, dermatoscopes are more accurate in diagnosing melanomas than visual inspection with the naked eye alone. Dermoscopy reveals skin lesions in much more detail than what can be seen with the naked eye, allowing clinicians to assess the structure, color, and shape of the lesion more accurately.

Clinical Importance:

Accurate diagnosis matters because it can save lives by ensuring timely treatment for melanoma.Dermoscopy helps identify suspicious lesions that require further evaluation by specialists.

A 2018 Cochrane meta-analysis published the accuracy of dermoscopy in the detection as below:


It is no doubt that dermoscopy can greatly increase the accuracy of diagnosis. In addition, dermatologist can store the images captured by dermoscope connected with phone or computer for later analysis and comparison. Dermoscopy plays a very significant role in the detection and diagnosis of skin lesion. People also need to learn how to use a dermoscopy to do self-examination in daily life . Any suspicious findings, have the skin checked by the professionals as soon as possible.

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