New Product Dermatoscope DE-3100 PRO Release

New Product Dermatoscope DE-3100 PRO Release

We are now introducing a new dermatoscope model named DE-3100 PRO. DE-3100 PRO is another version of DE-3100 if you know it. The difference of DE-3100 and DE-3100 PRO lies in the light. DE-3100 has three types of light, polarized light, non-polarized light and amber light. While for a more comprehensive use, we have changed the amber light to UV light into DE-3100 PRO. 

DE-3100 PRO Dermatoscope is a handheld and photo medical device for helping professional dermatologists to detect and diagnose skin lesions. Combining a powerful illumination system with 10X magnification, it allows a super clear and precise visualization of skin, such as the structures, colors, patterns even vessels of skin.

DE-3100 PRO is a handheld dermatoscope designed a very suitable shape for holding. The whole body of DE-3100 PRO is metal. DE-3100 PRO is made by metal of the whole body and with premium multi-coated, multi-element optics. Thanks for its structure and materials it is very stable and lightweight when dermatologists are working on it. It is portable, easily operate and conveniently carry. In addition, DE-3100 PRO is special good at taking photos by connecting to smartphones, tablets and cameras. It contains a universal phone adapter means it is compatible for all kinds of smartphones or tablets for capture images of skin. Built with 4K HD resolution and 30mm wide field of view, the visualizations or images are very clear to see or to save for later analysis and comparison.

The unique point of DE-3100 is the 365nm UV light except for its polarized and non-polarized light. 365nm UV light, also called black light, is a long wave light different from the white light. 365nm UV light is for identifying the extent pigmented or depigmented patches by detecting fluorescence and bacterial. Dermatologists often use 365nm UV light to look for evidence of vitiligo, cat ringworm, dog ringworm, fungal infection that can be illuminated under this wavelength. 365nm UV light even can detect some harmful molds that are invisible to the naked eye.

Added polarized and non-polarized light, DE-3100 PRO can provide a super comprehensive view for various of skin lesions. DE-3100 RO is a real nice dermatoscope with premium quality and affordable price.


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