What is Wood’s Lamp?

What is Wood’s Lamp?

Woods lamp, a super useful tool to diagnose skin diseases for puppy at home or at hospital.

Wood lamp is a diagnostic tool used in dermatology to help identify various skin conditions and infections. It emits long wave ultraviolet (UV-A) light, which causes certain substances and organisms on the skin to fluoresce or glow, helping to diagnose and evaluate skin abnormalities.

Use of Wood lamp in dermatology:

  1. Diagnosis of fungal infection Ringworm capitis: Certain scalp fungal infections, such as those caused by microspora, emit greenish-yellow fluorescence under Wood lamp. Tinea versicolor: This superficial fungal infection fluoresces yellow-green or coppery orange.
  2. Detect bacterial infection ringworm rubus: Caused by Corynebacterium parvus, this disease appears as reddish-brown patches in the scrub area that glow coral red under wood lights.
  3. Identify pigment disorder vitiligo: Under wood lamp, the pigment loss area will appear bright white or blue-white, in sharp contrast to normal pigmented skin. Melasma and other pigmentation: Under a Wood lamp, pigmented areas appear darker, helping to distinguish the depth of pigmentation (epidermis versus dermis).
  4. Assess skin damage and condition Pseudomonas infection: Wounds or burns infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa will glow green under a wood lamp. Porphyria: Some types of porphyria can cause urine and teeth to fluorescein red under a wood lamp.
  5. Beauty and aesthetic assessments Detect skin changes: It helps to assess the extent of sun damage, acne, and other skin conditions that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Any other more uses of wood’s lamp, welcome to comment or contact us.

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