How to use a dermatoscope?

dermatoscope is a valuable aiding device used by doctors to examine and diagnose skin lesions and diseases, such as melanoma. There are some steps about how to use a dermatoscope.

Preparation:The clinician will apply an ultrasound gel or oil (such as mineral oil) onto your skin. This gel or oil improves the image clarity that can be captured by the dermatoscope. But with the innovative development of dermatoscopy, there is no need any oil or gel on skin when some dermatoscope work.

Examination:The dermatoscope combines a powerful lighting system with big magnification to reveal details of structures and patterns of skin that would not be visible to the naked eye.

Dermatoscope works far more than a magnifying glass.The skin view expand by 10 times with a traditional magnifying glass, while dermatoscopes can increase visualization to around 70–100 times.The light on the dermatoscope illuminates the skin in a special way, allowing the doctor to examine lesions without interference from dry or oily skin.

Doctors may also take pictures using the dermatoscope for later examination and analysis.

Procedure:The doctor will hold the dermatoscope’s lens over the area of skin they are examining.It won’t hurt, and sometimes the doctor may gently touch the skin with the dermatoscope.

The device provides light and magnification, allowing the doctor to closely examine areas of interest or concern, such as a skin lesion. Photos of the area may be taken during the process.

Post-Dermatoscopy: After the dermatoscope, the doctor may take the following steps:

Removal: If necessary, the doctor may remove a lesion for further examination (biopsy).

Monitoring: In some cases, doctors may choose to monitor a lesion over time to observe if it will change.

Dermatoscope really plays a very important role in our life. Accurate operation is necessary in the examination of the skin.


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