Is this lesion benign or malignant? -----A dermoscopy can tell you

Is this lesion benign or malignant? -----A dermoscopy can tell you

Dermoscopy is a useful and aiding device used by skin doctor for skin examinations, including melanoma and skin cancers. By reveal subtle details and patterns not visible to the naked eye, dermoscopy significantly enhances the diagnostic accuracy and confidence of clinicians in evaluating skin lesions, particuarlly in early detection of skin cancers.

Such as, dermoscopy helps distinguish benign lesions from malignant cancers, such as seborrheic keratoses, dermatofibromas, and benign nevi. Recognizing common benign features like a regular pigment network, homogeneous blue pattern or symmetrical, greatly reduces unnecessary biopsies and surgeries by dermoscopy.

Malignant melanoma will exhibit special characteristics under dermoscopy. So there are several dermoscopic features of malignant melanoma helping skin doctors to identify and diagnose more clearly and more precisely.Several dermoscopic features of melanoma like below:

malignant melanoma dermoscopy

Blue-white screen: This irregular area appears as a fog of fused blue pigment and ground glass, similar to an out-of-focus image. It is caused by excessive keratosis on the dense epidermal pigment.

Multiple brown spots: These spots may be present in the pigmented area of the lesion.

Pseudopodia: An irregular protrusion extending from a lesion.

Radial flow: Linear blood vessels radiating outward from the center.

Scarring bleaching: Irregular white areas that appear as a result of melanoma degeneration, unlike the uniform peripheral pigment loss seen in benign halo moles.

Peripheral dark spots/globules: Dark spots or globules at the edge of the lesion.

Wide network: A network pattern with thick lines and irregular holes.

Locally sharp boundaries: The lesion boundaries may be irregularly defined.

Negative network: Characteristic of melanoma, but also present in some benign lesions.

Irregular blood vessels: Abnormal blood vessel patterns within the lesion.

malignant melanoma dermoscopy

The identification of malignant melanoma features by dermoscopy is very important for early detection and accurate diagnosis of malignant melanoma. Dermoscopy can improve diagnostic accuracy and help distinguish melanoma from benign lesions. Both individuals and dermatologists should know how to perform dermatoscopy for skin diagnosis. Especially for those who have been diagnosed with melanoma, it is more important to have regular dermatoscopy. If suspicious features are found, further examination is required immediately.

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