Magical Device in the Beauty Industry! ---Dermatoscope

Hey, it seems that we are going to talk about something very high-end today!

That is, how to use a dermatoscope correctly! Don't underestimate this little gadget, it is a little princess in the beauty industry! First of all, we have to understand what a dermatoscope is. Yes, it is the magical device that looks like a mini microscope, which allows you to magnify your face to the point where you can see your pores clearly. So the question is: how to "control" such a powerful artifact correctly?

  1. Maintain a good attitude:
  2. Choose the right light:
  3. Correct posture:
  4. Reasonable use of results:

Dermatoscope is a good thing, but it should not be abused. Over-analysis will lead to unnecessary anxiety, and it is equally important to create beauty at an appropriate distance. Well, today's sharing ends here. I hope everyone can learn to use this little fairy of dermatoscope correctly and gain a better self!

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