What is a dermatoscope ?

Dermatoscope (Dermoscopy) is a handheld optical device usually used to examine skin or hair much more accurately. It combines high quality magnify lens and powerful lighting system to enhance the view of deeper skin. Without any side effective or adverse reactions, also avoiding unnecessary biopsies and surgeries, it is very helpful for doctors to diagnose skin lesions,such as infection skin disease,pigmented skin disease,inflammatory skin disease,vascular skin disease, onychosis and so on.Only by clearly understanding dermoscopy meaning,people can use it in high efficiency.

What is the use of dermastocope?

By using dermatoscopy, dermatologists can diagnose skin lesions and diseases more accurately. And dermascope is easy to operate. The whole process of using dermoscope is simple and painless. With the help of dermoscopy, person can examine their own hair,scalp,skin, and nails clearly. Then they can send images captured by phone or tables under dermoscope to dermatologists for analysis.

Which kind of diseases can be detected by dermoscopy?

By dermoscopy, doctors can detecte skin lesions, skin cancer, dermatitis, infections, acne, hair loss and nail problmes, etc.

Common diseases:Begin melanoma, early skin tumor, basal cell carcinoma, benign and malignant cascular lesions, etc.Many skin diseases can be examined under dermoscopy otherwise routine naked eyes cannot pick them out. That is dermoscopy meaning to the whole medical world.

Can dermatoscope detect skin cancer?

Yes, dermatoscope can detect skin cancer. As we know dermoscopy meaning for dermatologists, with magnification and illumination of dermatscope, examination by dermatoscope increases not only specificity but also sensitivity for skin cancer. It can detect smaller and thinner skin cancer from its structure,pattern,shape which may be missed by naked eyes, increasing biopsy of melanomas,reducing the the biopsy of lesion beginning.

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