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IBOOLO DE-200 Super pocket dermoscopy universal smartphone and tablet compatible dermatoscope

IBOOLO DE-200 Super pocket dermoscopy universal smartphone and tablet compatible dermatoscope

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 Advantages of DE-200

It contains a universal phone adapter meaning convenient to connect with any smartphone or tablet to capture images. With its specialized light system, it allows for clearer, more precise, and detailed examination of the colors, shapes, and textures of skin lesions.

• Bright LED illumination lights
• Cross polarized light illumination
• Real 6x Magnification
• Universal lens clip; available for all phone
• Easy to handle and focus
• Lithium-ion battery & USB-C charge
• Automatic shut down
• High quality but affordable


Made from premium multi-coated optics and built in polarized light, the DE-200 dermatoscope allows you to examine the colours, shapes and texture features of the skin lesion more clearly, more precise and more detailed.

Cross Polarization

The polarized light can help to eliminate surface reflection and allow visualization of vascular structures. The instrument allows for visualization for deeper skin structures, such as blood vessels, collagen, and pigment in the dermis.


Dermoscope is only one piece of the entire clinical picture. Lesions should always be immediately scrutinized, the universal lens clip attachment gives the ability to attach on smartphone and take pictures in 5 seconds.
Best part? It compatible with all phones in the market, with a universal lens clip or an easy on and off phone cover.
No Cross-Contamination

No Cross Contamination

The glass face plate can simply be snapped on and off, so you can remove and clean it separately after use. 

For Beginners

As an entry product, we eliminated some additional features of pro dermatoscopes and focused on polarization.  Hope to save cost and make it accessible to more people.





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