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IBOOLO DE-3100 PRO Dermatoscope with UV Light & Non-polarized & Polarized 365nm UV LED demoscopy

IBOOLO DE-3100 PRO Dermatoscope with UV Light & Non-polarized & Polarized 365nm UV LED demoscopy

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Advantages of DE-3100 Pro

Dermatoscope DE-3100 PRO is another version of DE-3100. The Amber light LED changed into SUPER UV LED.  DE-3100 PRO with polarized light & nonpolarized light & UV LED light. DE-3100 PRO is a both handheld and photo dermatoscope device.  DE-3100 is designed suitable and portable hand hold. Additionally, it contains a universal phone adapter that is convenient to connect with all of smartphones, cameras or tablets to capture images.

• Outstanding ergonomics and modern suitable handheld shape
• Bright LED illumination lights
• Cross polarized, non-polarized and UV LED
• 10 x Magnification
• Real 30mm wide field of view (Aperture)
• Easy detachable protect glass for the lesions that shouldn't be touched
• Magnetic Smartphone connection kit; available for all phones
• Lithium-ion battery & USB-C charge
• Automatic shut down
• High quality but affordable price

 Technical Specifications

dermatoscope how to work


Sharp & Precise: Maximizing sharpness was one of the biggest priorities when building DE-3100 PRO device, the first-class optics ensure excellent edge to edge magnification free from spherical and chromatic aberration.

Efficient Lighting

Built with polarized, non-polarized and 365nm UV light, DE-3100 PRO offers two levels of color spectrum control to enhance imaging of deeper pigmentation.

Image Shooting on spot

Image Under UV Light



Dermoscope is only one piece of the entire clinical picture. Lesions should always be immediately examined, the magnet attachment gives the ability to attach on smartphone and take pictures in 5 seconds. 
Best part? It compatible with all phones in the market, with a universal lens clip or an easy on and off phone cover.
The magnet attachment can be screwed on universal clip which will be included in the package,and can also be installed on our M17*1.0 phone case, please contact us if you want to get more information about phone case.


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