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IBOOLO DE-4100 the best advanced professional handheld and hybird dermatoscope and photo dermatoscopy camera dermatoscopio in the world

IBOOLO DE-4100 the best advanced professional handheld and hybird dermatoscope and photo dermatoscopy camera dermatoscopio in the world

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 Advantages of DE-4100

Dermatoscope DE-4100 is a powerful tool to evaluate pigmented skin lesions and can make it easier to diagnose melanoma in the hands of a trained professional and can also be used for self-diagnosis with the help of a dermatologist.

• Outstanding ergonomics and modern suitable handhold shape
• Bright LED illumination lights with 3 levels of brightness control
• Cross-polarized, non-polarized, and amber light illumination
• Available for naked-eye and phone camera compatible
• 10 x Magnification
• Real 32mm wide field of view (Aperture)
• Easy detachable protect glass for the lesions that shouldn't be touched
• Magnetic Smartphone connection kit; available for all phone
• Easy to handle and focus
• Lithium-ion battery & USB-C charge
• Automatic shutdown
• High quality but affordable price

handheld and hybird dermoscopy

 Technical Specifications


A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

Image Shot on spot

Image by  handheld

IBOOLO Dermatoscope photo effect

90° Cross Polarization & Non-polarized

The DE-4100 has switchable non-cross polarization and cross-polarization mode, you can switch the mode with a simple button click. In polarization mode, the polarization filter becomes activated and absorbs the surface light reflection (no immersion fluid required). It allows you to examine the colors, shapes and texture features of the skin lesion more clearly, more precise and more detailed.

design principle

DE-4100 LED Illumination

3 levels of brightness control, cross polarized, non-polarized and amber light gives a lot choice to diagnose under different situations. To effectively evaluate skin, excellent light and magnification are needed. The visual portion of diagnosis is based on distribution and morphology.

Easy to Install & Use

Dermoscope DE-4100 is only one piece of the entire clinical picture. Lesions should always be immediately scrutinized and reported to a dermatologist. The phone adapter gives the ability to attach to a smartphone and take pictures in 5 seconds. And it is compatible with all phones in the market.


The magnet attachment can be screwed on a universal clip (standard configuration), and can also be installed on our M17*1.0 phone case (order it below if needed).

Naked Eye Detection

DE-4100 supports naked-eye detection with 10x magnification and provides clearer dimensional measurements of lesions by etching lines. The glass face plate can be easily snapped on and off, so you can remove and clean it separately after use.


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