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IBOOLO DE-215 dermatoscope wood's lamp skin analyzer handheld scanner UV light

IBOOLO DE-215 dermatoscope wood's lamp skin analyzer handheld scanner UV light

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 Advantages of DE-3100

A Wood’s lamp examination is a procedure that uses transillumination (light) to detect bacterial or fungal skin infections. It also can detect skin pigment disorders such as vitiligo and other skin irregularities. This procedure can also be used to determine if you have a corneal abrasion (scratch) on the surface of your eye.
• 4.5X Magnification
• 20 LEDs (10 white, 10 UV light)
• Bright LED illumination lights with 3 levels' brightness control
• 60mm Lens Diameter
• Lithium-ion battery & USB-C charge
• Automatic shut down
• High quality but affordable

 Technical Specification


Woods Lamp DE-215 VISION

To effectively evaluate skin, excellent light and magnification are needed. The visual portion of diagnosis is based on distribution and morphology. 2 types of light source, 3 levels of brightness control,gives a lot choice to test under different situations.


60MM Lens

Maximizing sharpness was one of the biggest priorities when building this device, the first-class optics ensure excellent edge to edge magnification free from spherical and chromatic aberration.

No Cross Contamination

The Wood lamp is turned on to warm up for about a minute. Room lights are turned off, and window shades are drawn, or black drape used to darken the surroundings completely. After waiting to adapt to the dark, the skin is examined with Wood lamp for a few seconds. The lamp is held about 10-30 cm away from the skin. The examination is painless and safe.

2000mAh Battery

DE-215 Powered by 2000mAh Lithium ion, easy charged by USB-C, offers long time and stable diagnosis. 

Box Design

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